Project year: 2017
Construction Year: 2017-2018
Total area: 1.251 m2
Address: Calle Rocio Jurado , Torremolinos (Málaga)

Project authors: DTR_studio arquitectos
(Jose María Olmedo / Jose Miguel Vázquez)
On site management: DTR_studio / J.A. Fdez. Adarve
Developer: Nuovit homes
 Otero construcciones

Project description

Promotion of 6 terraced houses in Torremolinos. The houses are located in the plot, with a marked topography, in a staggered way, producing a more interesting set of volumes, only broken by the bay windows as black boxes shape, which contrast with the whole. The housing lay-out is linked to the TWIN housing project in which all the ground floor spaces have a direct relationship with the exterior to emphasize the typology of single-family housing. In addition the set of courtyards and thresholds that enrich the itineraries also appears. The materiality of the houses tries to be as neutral and timeless as possible, handing the protagonism over to the textures of the materials, always in white: Brick, plastered, deployee sheet … Only the use of the dark gray color to hightlights some details, breaks the hegemony of white.