CLIENTS: Graham Wood & Angus Coulter
LOCATION: Gaucín , Málaga (Spain)
PROJECT YEAR: 2013-2014
AREA: 190 sqm


It is one of the most difficult Project we have developed in our studio . But thanks to our amazing clients and the effort of the builder company, the result has been fantastic.

The process has lasted four years, because the project has been growing over time. The original request was to extend their home with the annexed plot on the left. We had to keep the old house and add a new one. Furthermore we did not have any views. So we developed a quiet project, inspired in the popular architecture, adding a new volume with no noise. Just the gesture of a double height window, with tropical wood, versus the white volume.

Just before starting the work  on site, the plot above us was on sale. It was the chance to get vistas and propose a more ambitious project . We advised to the clients to demolish the original house, so we could project a global project with no restrictions. They accepted the challenge with no doubt.

The higher plot (the last added to the puzzle) will be the living area. The  pool will be stand in the free ground space available. The rest of the outdoor area is the roof of the night area. The bedrooms are below the terrace, sited in the first project plot. In the ground level, just below the bedrooms , there is an apartment for guests. The stairs will be the element  which will sort the puzzle . This importance is highlighted with the skylight – bay window

The Project is concluded with a overlook terrace on the roof  of the living area. This space plays just with white planes,so common in Andalucian popular architecture, integrating the house with the neighborhood  .

The entrance to the house is across a Andalucian patio. This traditional space prepares us to get into the heart of the house and the visual explosion that follow  it . After the living room , we can see the stairs area, lighted with an old brick jalousie . The night area recover the original project facade , keeping the  image of a traditional house, except the double height window .

The efficient concept has been present during the project development . We have proposed a outdoor insulation, the best system to get the highest levels of insulation, and allows us to use the traditional white plaster .

The materials election has looked for to strengthen the integration with the context : White plaster, old brick jalousie, continuous concrete floors, tropical wood windows …