Project year: 2017
Construction year: 2017-2018
Gross area: 513 sqm
Address : Calle Limar , Málaga

Project authors: DTR_studio architect
(Jose María Olmedo / Jose Miguel Vázquez/ Alba Marquez)
On site supervision: DTR_studio / Luis Miguel Carranza
Developer: Familia Ramírez
 Otero construcciones

Project description

It is the refurbishment of a villa with garden dating from the nineteenth century and is located in a residential neighborhood of Malaga. The project tries to improve the existing and go one step further. The proposal will work with ingredients that match the style of the house in such a way that a harmonious whole is created. On the other hand an important estructural intervention is proposed to get a main space according to the value of the house. That is why the central wall will be removed, through a structural operation of large metalbeams that will keep the roof intact, as established by local rules, duplicating the living room area . The design of outdoor spaces, which are the place where the users of the house will spend more time, is another important point in the project development. We have been able to control from the estructure design to the furniture ,passing through the installations , the finishings … in such a way that we have been able to take the concept of the «sum and follow» to the end.