Project Year: 2018
Construction year: 2018
Total surface: 206 m2
Address :  Granada

Designers: DTR_studio arquitectos
(Jose María Olmedo / Jose Miguel Vázquez / Claudia Gutierrez)
On site management: DTR_studio
Builder: Mepabi

Project description

We expanded the catalog of housing renovations in DTR_studio. Evolving the concept of other projects, where the storage line defines the axis where the project is ordered. In this case, there will be two perpendicular axes, since the house has two main facades, with the heart of the project at the intersection of both lines. This space will act as a hinge, connecting and at the same time qualifying the three main uses: living area, cooking area and sleeping area. This new added order will intersect with the existing axes of the structure, which are strengthened, taking out the facing of pillars and beams . The palette of materials is also an evolution of other projects, expanding in this case the range: oak, concrete, gray lacquered and white striated paneling. In addition, the design of the Bathrooms has been specially taken care of, working all the aspects of the same one: textures, taps, furniture